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How to Create a Grab and Go Food Experience

By far, one of the biggest trends for fast-casual restaurants is the grab and go concept. With busy lifestyles, most people have little time to spend sitting down to dine. Customers find the option of having a healthy and tasty meal they can take along with them far more appealing because they do not need to compromise on quality, freshness, or taste while getting something quick.

Grab and go foods are premade and prepackaged, and while they have been around in some form for a while, the options were once basic and bland. Now grab and go concepts are gravitating towards high-quality, diverse, and delicious, like what restaurants offer in a completely take-home format.

If you already have a food service establishment, you can add a grab and go menu along with your regular meals. It gives your customer base more options when they’re in a hurry, plus it has the potential to bring in new ones. It’s a far healthier way for people to eat on the go, and with the rising prices in fast food, makes it a better choice for around the same price.

Want to get in on this growing trend? Here are some tips to help you get started!

Know Food Trends

These days, consumers want quality foods that are locally sourced or organic. Incorporate these kinds of items by expanding that variety into your grab and go items.

Have Something for Dietary Restrictions

Guests that are vegan, kosher, or gluten-free often have a hard time eating on the go. By providing options they can eat too, you’ll offer the inclusivity they are looking for and build a stronger customer base.

Pay Attention to Your Packaging

The grab and go crowd is attracted to quality foods and transparency. Let them see what they’re getting in the way of packaging that shows beautifully packaged, healthy, and delicious foods. Remember, everyone eats with their eyes first, so appeal to them with foods that invite them to eat visually. It’s time to ditch those Styrofoam containers anyway!

Plan Weekly Menus

With a weekly menu of grab and go options, it not only keeps you organized but also gives your guests a heads up. They can plan to stop by to get their favorite meals on the go.

Think of the Options

Today’s customers are hungry for options. They want breakfast, lunch, and snack items that they can stop in to grab and enjoy on the fly. You’ll want to present classic dishes as well as favorites that your customers would normally come in for when they dine in, but you’ll also want to come up with specials that will entice them to come by more often.

By following these tips to add a grab and go concept to your business plan, you should be able to pull it off with great success. This will help you develop another stream of revenue and build more reach in your area.



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