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Grab & Go Gez Z

Why Gen Z is Behind the Trend of Grab and Go

In the restaurant industry, the grab and go trend has been rising to stardom. The market behind it is none other than Generation Z. If you want your restaurant to succeed today, you’ll have to start appealing to this crowd.

Here’s why the grab and go concept is what will bring them in again and again!

Price Conscientiousness

Gen Z is certainly more conscientious of prices than other generations. They dine out far less than Millennials due to watching spending habits. Yet, they still like to go out for food, thus the basis of the appeal of grab and go foods for this generation.

They Crave Natural, Sustainable, and Organic

Take a look at your menu and see if it aligns with the desires of Generation Z. They are driven to organic, natural, and sustainable foods. But that’s not all. They are lured by innovative as well as ethnic cuisines, making them among the most culturally diverse diners of any recent generation. Putting these things together can be a recipe for success!

Gen Z Goes for the Graze

Another interesting trend that has come about by Gen Z is that they like snacks, preferring to have many different styles of snack foods on one plate. They go for appetizers as meals, allowing them to get more flavors at once.

Sourcing Concerns

Another thing about Generation Z is that this group has always been with technology. They want to investigate where their food comes from and dine with places that align with their beliefs. This makes them connected with their food more strongly than other generations.

What Gen Z Wants from Grab and Go

Without a doubt, Generation Z is a grab and go generation because they are the rulers of the takeout scene. Grab and go concepts like acai bowls and poke bowls give them the unique, organic, natural, and sustainable options they want without the full service restaurant experience.

They prefer to take their food home or sit outside, something that has been dubbed the ‘couch to table movement.’ Restaurants that want to be successful in the coming years will learn how to meet these consumers with options that appeal to every set. For the Z group, which means having fresh, delicious, and unique grab and go options while still creating an atmosphere that Gen X, Millennials, and Boomers find appealing.

Additionally, it will be accessible via smartphone too, as Generation Z is completely adept at tapping away to order their foods. Restaurants will need to incorporate this into the POS for more efficient ordering and tracking data to watch these trends.

Evolution is a necessity in any industry, especially for the restaurant industry. If you want to keep Gen Z coming back, make your menu fresh, innovative, and sustainable. Add all-day snacking/grazing options that let them pick and choose what they like, and be sure it’s easy to integrate your online ordering, delivery, and grab and go so they will choose your restaurant when the growl of a hungry belly calls.

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